Sunday, September 23, 2012

Live in NY?

...then you must come across the new parking meters....they are called muni em or hate em??/

Before the muni-meters existed we had just meters...put some quarters in and you got time...not alot but enough to run into the store.  That is if you even found a parking space.....and you always had to have quarters handy...

Now, we have muni meters....these structures that stand in the middle of the feed it quarters or your credit that is a plus if you dont have quarters.....and out comes a piece of paper - so much for saving the trees.......

But what I have learned is that these little pieces of paper must be on the when you shut your door make sure the wind did not turn it upside down or make it fly off the dashboard onto the seat or floor.  Because you will get a ticket.  But how do you keep those papers from flying off.  I had one that total flew and disappeared....I had to get another one for the same meter time.  Never did find that little piece of paper.  But this is progress  ??

But alas I kept the paper, and went online to complain to NYC that its not my fault those damn things go flying all over.....and got it dismissed....but what a waste of time....and trees....

Any comments?

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  1. We've got something similar in Warminster these days, and the last car we had (which I had to hand back when Peter died in May) actually had a bit of plastic on the front window into which you could place these bits of paper!

    We've not got the card option yet but getting 20p pieces into the darn slots, with arthritic fingers - especially in arctic conditions ain't easy! Definitely a design by a man, with all functioning limbs