Friday, September 21, 2012

I phone...U phone

Ok, so whats all the hype.....oh, right the new iphone 5 is out....bigger, better, faster, sleeker....are you getting it?  of course, isnt everyone.....well, my contract isnt up until next month....hopefully all the kinks will be out of the phone by then.

I am not complaining and am admitting I am a techno freak.....ipod, iphone, cameras.....computers, my gadgets.....but I must admit, I cant keep up with all the changes....why does there have to be a newer and better gadget a year or two later...especially when the old one works just fine......I know, it's about the money....but sometimes I wonder where it will all end.....but I the idea of being connected, especially when I have so many getting the photos instantly, and contacting each other right away......

So, on that note, come next month, I will get the Iphone 5.....cant help myself.....need a better camera for those baby shots.....

where will it all end.....or will it about the iphone 10......

OK, this is silly....but we can always use a laugh - lol


  1. I am definitely a techno phobe! While I'm getting my head around computers - well, sort of - mobiles phones (of any variety) simply terrify me! Have just got a mobile - use it for when I'm travelling ONLY. Useful if stuck in a traffic jam to tell one's host etc. Otherwise, give me the old-fashioned land line and e mail. At least I've progressed from just snail mail!

  2. No doubt on the Iphone 10 photo! Lol! My husband is going to get one. He has been very happy with the 4...the best part is when he gets his upgrade I finally will get to see what all the fuss is myself:) Have a great day!