Monday, August 27, 2012

And then....

Well, after being diagnosed with world has gotten harder to manage.  But I am on the right track and have been trying to cope.  I put the pain in the back of my head (my meds help) and have been working on the brighter side of life.  Not for anything but I have 5 great children and 8 grandchildren who keep me busy and they are the love of my life.  I have a job where I get the whole summer off to relax or do whatever I want.....and I am currently looking into booking another cruise.  This summer wasnt so great, but who cares.  I am adopting the attitude that life will get better if I put my mind to it.

So as long as the grandkids are keeping me busy I have been running (I mean walking) to the aquarium and walking the boardwalk and enjoying this life and so far great weather.  It has actually cooled down enough to enjoy.

I have never heard of my illness until diagnosed....but after reading two books on it and researching on the doesnt seem like it will be cured.  It is something i will live with the rest of my life and I pray for the strength to do so.  There are far worst things to have i am sure and like all my other ills, I will get through this one.....attitude is the key.

I sometimes wonder how people cope with their illness..some worse than others...but we can either stay home and brood or go about life one day at a time.  Think of the positive things in my children and their children and a recent addition to my family.....a puppy....she's not really mine, but belongs to my son who lives downstairs...but she comes up for visits and is definitely a ray of sunshine in our lives.....

She's only 9 months old.....a Pomeranian......named Mitzi........


  1. oh Agnes, I am so sorry. But you have a great attitude and that will make all the difference for you. My hubby suffers from neck spasms and headaches...daily. and for 10 years we have visited every kind of specialist, and tried medicine after medicine. Sometimes the side effects are worse then the problem they are suppose to help. So now he had just had to learn to live, and somedays even thrive, with the pain. We'll be praying for you. and the pooch is a doll!

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  4. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and leaving such a sweet comment! It sounds like we have a lot in common. I hope that you can keep your positive attitude and continue to spread cheer to others:-)

  5. You have a fantastic attitude and I wish you lots of strength. Having a puppy around to pet will really help and so will those grandchildren!

  6. My husband has peripheral neuropathy. Chronic pain can affect so much but having a positive attitude makes a world of difference. Seems the more he focuses on the pain, the worse it is. Your grandkids will be a tremendous help in taking your mind off it. Good luck, Agnes.

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