Monday, July 23, 2012

Waiting patiently or not....

Well, the family is waiting for grandbaby #8 to enter the world......and he (yes, its another boy!) is keeping us waiting.  Due to come this past Saturday 7/21....he has decided now is not the time.  Is he waiting for cooler weather?  I am just glad he will be healthy - already over 7 lbs. and we all cant wait to see him.

He will be living 1-1/2 hours we wont be able to get to see him at a moments notice.  Love those kinds of visits...when the door opens and the grandkids run in all excited...but I cant complain because some of my friends have grandkids in other countries much less other states.  But then again with this "facetime" and "skype" they can be close too.

So we will see what happens today as we wait for the visit to the doctor again........


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