Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trying to

post everyday - too much or too little.  I love to write and blogging affords me that.  But sometimes I just dont have the time.  Like the time for making jewelry, it is limited.  I guess that is a good thing, or not.

So here today because I am waiting....and I hate waiting....oh, doctor offices are fine, i actually get down time and manage to read....but here I am waiting for the men to finish my bathroom and more importantly, waiting for my grandchild to be born.  So I went to Answers.com and the answer to the question of how much of our lives is spent on waiting ---- "If a human lived for 65 years, they would spend about a little more than half, or a little less than half of their life just waiting."  That my friends is alot of ..............

2007 0 The Waiting Light

My son is out of reach, been calling for the past hour...maybe he is actually there in the delivery room....first babies dont come fast although they went in at 7:30 this morning to start the process.

Meantime, we are babysitting two other grandchildren and hopefully sometime tomorrow we will take the trip upstate to see the youngest....and begin the process of spoiling some more.  yes, we are guilty but at our age we take pleasure in whatever we can....

Spoiled Grandchildren

So hopefully the next time I blog - it will be about the newest member of our family...or I will be too busy to blog because I will be spoiling him :)

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