Thursday, July 26, 2012

He's Here

Our long awaited grandson (well, only two days late) has arrived.....big and beautiful....7 lbs  9 ounces.....gorgeous, dark head of hair....and so very alert.

We told the bathroom contractors we could not have any work done yesterday and quickly ran up to meet Baby P.  You see he doesnt live in our neighborhood, but Mapquest said it would take one hour and 15 minutes ---- yeah, right -- it took two hours.  But that is not the worst, somehow our EZ pass was invalid, taken away and we had to pay cash for tolls.  (I later found out the credit card on file had expired....a call would have been nice.)

But seeing the baby made it all seem petty and we continued to have a great time.  Holding a newborn was so delightful....I never get tired of it.  Plan to go up several more times before returning to work.....

Then we left at 5 and hit all the traffic there is in this time, returning home trip was 3 hours.....of course, there was an accident on one of the highways.....but if people werent speeding when the roads were clear, they would not jam them up for the rest of us......

And today the bathroom is getting worked on again.....still a few more days of will get done eventually.  But tonight is hubby's birthday and we are going out to dinner and I am having a glass of wine......cheers!

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  1. How exciting! A new grandson! Babies are so precious. I hope you have a nice dinner and your husband has a great birthday.