Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 3....and counting

Well, they framed the bathroom and I must say it is looking a bit more like a bathroom.....just have to have patience....meantime, I am trying to find a vanity - bathtub and toilet have been ordered....Went online and found a nice vanity and mirror....and the delivery date is July 20....but by then things should be done, like all the tiling, etc....

OK, we ran into one problem.  The window in the bathroom was not installed correctly (before we bought the house) and apparently everytime it rained, we got water in the walls...So the studs were rotten and the insulation was soak and wet (we have been getting alot of rain).....and we have to add that into the cost of this job.....but it could have been worst.  Also, we have to move the plumbing because the vanity is huge and will be off center.....

it will be beautiful when done, it will be beautiful when done....keep reminding myself.....I think this will be the last of the renovations here..very stressful and I am on vacation.....going to go to the beach alot when this is done.....

1 comment:

  1. I believe every remodel has the same discovery in some form or fashion .

    I feel you stress and hope it goes more smoothly in the next couple of days.