Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bathroom soon......

So I finally got into the so-called that it is gutted, and I have to go downstairs to my son's apartment to shower......

Worst than that (I shouldnt complain because at least there is another place to shower)......I hate getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.....there is a powder room on the main actually I get some exercise in during the night.....learning not to drink too late at night....

Here is the next level......

Can someone also tell me why when renovating the bathroom, the rest of the house also gets messy.  I have items in my spare room, the living and dining room has stuff.....I feel like running away....but I know when it is all done (another two weeks?) it will be beautiful.

Hang in there.............


  1. owning a home is constant work...have you ever seen the movie "money pit"? hahaha. but it will be worth it when your done.

  2. Some friends of mine are renovating as well and where overwhelmed by how much clutter it made through the house.

    Just picture the finish line.

    Happy Homemaking