Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another - what else can go wrong - Week

Yes, it was hectic and the doctor keeps telling me my medical problems stem from my nerves...I think they are shot....relax she says....ha ha

 Relaxing in Lounge Chair at

The week started off with the contractor showing up - and finally getting the tiles started....but then Tuesday my wonderful grandson decided to come out, so Wednesday we were off to a 2 hour ride to see him - which mapquest insisted was only an hour and 15 minutes....ha ha

Stopped to go through the tolls and was told my ez-pass was invalid.  They took it away and we continued to pay cash for all the tolls there and back.  (apparently my credit card expired and they didnt notify me to update it!)  Wait - they said they did - yeah, right.

Seeing my son, his wife and new baby was delicious - it was a cool day, had lunch and then took a 3 hour trip home.....accident on parkway helped that.....

The next day was hot and humid but since it was hubby's birthday, we went out to dinner and got caught in the worst downpour I have ever we stayed in the restaurant and had another glass of wine  ----  that helped.

We returned home and on the way to bed that night - checked the renovated bathroom to find the rain had leaked in and therefore, we need a new roof.....ha ha

So today I left my son with the contractors, and went for a manicure to relax per doctors orders....and might even attack the bottle of wine in my cooler.....must relax.....I have a doctors appointment on Monday - and ask her what exactly she means by relaxing?  because it is not happening.......

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