Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Day and here is the

Bathtub.....nice and new and the first part of the plan.  Going slow but sure. 

Nice and inviting....but not yet.

Of course, according the Murphy's law.......well, hubby was just admitted to the hospital and so my time is split between the bathroom reno and the hospital.  He will be there all weekend, and I will be in charge here.....hopefully all will go well so if I am not blogging for awhile....well, there is just so much I can do.....

Stay well and enjoy the weekend my fellow bloggers.....

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  1. Hello Agnes!

    Sorry to hear about your husband. Writing in to wish you and him well: hope whatever has caused him to be admitted, is easily healed and that he is back with you again soon.

    Long time no blog, but life has been hectic for me since the end of May. First my husband died very suddenly, then we had the funeral to deal with, followed by my return home without him. Five days at home, and I was back with my daughter in Nottingham (where Peter left us)because she fell and fractured her leg. I was needed to walk the dog and look after the home needs. Will be here until week beginning July 23 so blogging and Cuddlies creating on the back burner for time being!

    Hope you keep well: just remember to pace yourself.

    All the best. Isobel