Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Living in NY gives me.......

the ability to have 4 seasons..winter, spring, summer fall. Of course there are years that are not quite seasonal, like this past winter where we hardly saw snow, but that worked for me.  I have often thought of moving to a state that did not have as many seasons - or snow at all, but I was born and raised here, have family here, so I dont think I will be moving any time soon. But I can dream, and it would probably be for Hawaii.....still on my list to visit.

I have very lucky to have travelled far and wide inside and outside the US....I guess my favorite place was Spain and would love to return there....although inside the US I would say Colorado did it for me, almost stayed there permanently.  But like I said, good old NY is first on my list and it always amazes me on all the things you can do here.  The city never sleeps and you can never be bored.  Looking forward to retirement so I can get up in the morning and plan my day to venture out.

Do you live in NY?  What's your favorite thing to do here?

    theater? museums? parks? book signings? amusement parks?  Restaurants?  Sports?  Movies? boat rides?  the list goes on and on......................


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  2. I went to NYC once, about 30 years ago. lol. I was born and raised in western NY, (buffalo area) and I now live in NC (no snow, yea). It always amazes me when I tell people that I'm originally from NY they assume New York City. lol

  3. Hey Debbi...I know where Buffalo is, my son spent 5 years there at the University of Buffalo....too cold for me but he loved it...thankfully he returned home, got married and gave me two grandsons...he often goes back to visit friends...my other son lives in Westchester, so I get to see alot of NY....love the fall up there......have a great weekend.