Thursday, April 26, 2012

I won I won

No, not the lottery.....but pretty close.  Last month I got a parking ticket, at a meter that was broken.  I actually saw the meter maid pull the bag off the meter and write me a ticket.  Someone wrote on the meter "broken" and there was a quarter stuck in the slot.  So the law says I can park there for one hour....someone put a plastic bag over the meter.

So after I got the ticket I went on line to request a hearing and even emailed the above picture.  The law said I could park there.....I should not get a ticket.

Well, yesterday I received an answer - a letter in the mail - apparently they checked it - and DISMISSED THE felt so good.  Now where is that quarter?  because when I went back to the meter (it happens to be in front of my nail salon) - the meter was fixed ........

Dont they tell the meter maids (or whatever they are called these days) all the rules? Do you have a traffic story?