Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I just checked and

noticed I havent blogged for over a week.  Boy time just flies away.  I cant seem to find any time, although I have worked on my Etsy store items....sales are good, made a few new items, but still have to take pictures and post.  Work is crazy this time of the year with only two months left to the school year.  Hopefully over the summer, things will slow down.

Even though work ends at 3:30, the rest of my day is filled with house work, planting, grandchildren, dinner, cleaning.....by that time I am ready for bed.  Weekends are not any better, trying to fill in what I couldnt do during the week, like laundry and shopping.

I suppose what I need is better organization and maybe a maid......there just doesnt seem to be enough time.  Have you ever felt that it just goes by too quickly.  Remember when you were young and couldnt wait for something.....like a birthday.....time just didnt move.  Except now we got our wish and those birthdays roll around way too fast.....heck, not only ours, but our childrens and of course, now the grandchildrens.....how can we slow down time?

I can only come up with one thing....to stop and smell the roses....take time out to enjoy the day and it wont hurt to sit on the patio with a good book and a cup of coffee......for time waits for no one.......enjoy! and remember this as you swirl through the day today.


  1. I love the commercial for the swiffer mop, where the woman picks up her coffe and says "I'm going to drink this...on the porch" lol. That's why I put rust flooring in my kitchen, so I wouldn't have to keep washing off the Carolina clay!

  2. Think it's a feature of "maturing" Agnes - we don't do getting old in our household! Maturing sounds so much more positive, we feel!

    Do sympathise though!