Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Are you ready for it?  I am....and we didnt really have a bad winter....Shh, not too loud, the winter is not over yet...and I remember snow in April....but we are not going to talk about that.

I cant wait for my spring bulbs to arrive in April, so I can start planting and make my home look colorful instead of drab brown and grey.....hubby bought me lilies in three different colors.....I have big pots for them to go into....cant wait to sit out on my porch with my Kindle and a cup of coffee.....and relax......so looking forward to it.....

What do you plan to do this Spring?

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  1. I probably won't do much, I am usually in side working a lot which unfortunately requires a computer.

    I love both summer and winter though but I like my summer to be sunny and warm but then the opposite in winter I actually love it when it snows! :)