Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not my favorite

doctor......the dentist....I havent been blogging for a few days and know I am behind in my BESTeam features..but....I broke a tooth last week and managed to get an appointment, not with my doctor, but with his partner.  Who said there was no saving the tooth, so I had it extracted.

Let me tell you something about my dental experience.....I would rather have another baby.....although at my age that is impossible......but when it comes to dentists.....I keep putting it off...So anyway, I finally got there, had the extraction last week and I am still taking Advil for the pain....I cant eat anything harder than oatmeal....and had my fill of that......I wear a partial bridge which had to come out so they could add a tooth where I had the extraction....finally got it back and it hurts.....

So decided to get back into the groove of getting to the dentist.....but of course it will have to wait because the doc is going on vacation to Aruba......(probably on my money :)

My head is finally clear enough to write a blog - as long as the Advil is gives me some time before the pain comes back.  Now that you have heard my complaining which I usually dont do....please know that I was only lax in blogging because my head was responding to my teeth and not my heart......Hope everyone had a better week than me.......


  1. Oh my...I hate the dentist! I am seriously afraid of them. Hope you get to feeling better fast!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I agree with you, tooth pain is worse than childbirth, and you have nothing to show for it afterwards, :) Grag an icepack and a grandbaby and sit back and relax.