Sunday, March 25, 2012

I havent been.......

posting much as I love it because my dentist and I have become close....a bit too close....

You see, it started when I had a toothache, went to take care of it......needed root canal....turned into soreness and when I bit down into something, one tooth broke.. That led to another visit where the tooth was extracted and I was told I need more work  But first get well.

Still getting well because you see I didnt receive any antibiotics and got an for two weeks I suffered with pain thinking it was only coming from the extraction.  ....when I returned to the doctor he put me on antibiotics - 7 days - 2000 mg a i have to wait another two weeks before going back to continue the dental work.

So I have suffered and havent been on line to do any posting...But now that the pain is easing up, I promise i will get back.....but do know that I have been reading..Have a Happy Sunday!