Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beaded Bubbe's day off

It has been awhile since I have taken a day off....Usually taking one day off from work, means I am two days behind....But alas pushing yourself really catches up to you if you dont take care....add a dental problem to that....well, here I am...not blogging, not catching up on my Etsy store.....not doing anything.

In fact all i did on Friday was sleep.....fell asleep three times on the couch and then got up and went to apparently this old body needed it and could be pushed no further.  With a few things to do on Saturday, and today is laundry day.....or else I cant go to work tomorrow, no clothes.....I plan to relax one more day and hopefully be up to par to return to work tomorrow.  i am not one to baby myself and therefore, I push and push until I cant anymore.  Guess i will never learn.  But I find the older I get, the slower and more achy I get....and must listen and slow down....

As a mom of five I guess I was never one to stop and baby least not with all those babies....but now I have to listen and not push myself.  It is good to be young because you think nothing will happen to you and everyday is a fun day.  But then you get to an age where there are things you just cant do.....and shouldnt....but it is hard to ask for you push yourself.

So i have decided, with spring just around the corner, I will do a ME thing.  Relax as much as I can, do housework in spurts with rest time in between (because we all know it will be there after we rest) and listen to my body.....things that just dont work like they used to.


  1. Join the club Agnes! At least you've begun to to be sensible! Just keep it up - the temptation to slide back is ever present! Just don't disappear all together!

  2. Thank Isobel...not going anywhere, but just slowing down for now....slow is good....but love blogging too much to give it up. Have a great week!