Monday, February 6, 2012

What is your favorite..........

cologne...perfume.....body spray..........anything that makes you smell great.  I have for the longest time always commented on the way one of my teachers smelled....every time she walked past me she left a great fragrance behind her.  I finally asked her what she wore and she told me, but I am not one to run to the store and buy it.....because I know it smells different on everyone.  Today fragrances cost a fortune.  And what if it doesnt smell the same on me?

I do have favorites of my own....Daisy is one; Firebomb is another....but no one ever comments on how great I smell.  Well, this past holiday I was given Angel by the same person I have been telling how great she smells (for lack of a better word cause it sounds a bit weird, I dont go around smelling people) ...and after I used it and realized it was her fragrance.....I have been told not only how great the fragrance is on me...but most people can name what I am wearing.....

So now I strictly wear Angel and feel good about it.......what do you wear and why?

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