Thursday, February 23, 2012

Star Wars.....always

Yesterday we took the grandkids to the movies...with school out, we had them and of course had to entertain off to the movies we went.....


Not only was it on the big screen but also in 3D.....all 2 hours + of it.....the glasses they gave us gave me a headache.....getting too old for these FX coming out.....but the kids had a great time and one of them even explained the story to me.....never was a Star Wars follower but apparently after having sons and grandsons....I better get with the game.....

that's another thing....they also have the DS game and the WII game of Star Wars....its everywhere.......although it makes it easier to know what to buy them for birthdays that are coming up fast......

I can get used to this Star Wars....especially since grandsons informed me this was only Episode many more to go?


  1. you are so cute! love your blog, and THANK YOU for commenting on my blog;
    you took the words right out of my mouth!!! i love profiling creative people b/c i too think "now, why didn't i think of that!" :) our ideas will come, especially because we see so many creative people out there! (and by the looks of your blog...i think you are one!:)
    thanks again for the nice comment!

  2. haha Agnes...the original Star War (4,5,and6) came out in the 80's, and then Star Wars 1,2,and 3, came out about 8 or 10 (?) years ago. They did the ending first, lol. And I'm one of those that likes the originals better.

  3. Debbi has just mentioned that it's your birthday! Many Happy Returns of the day. Hope you had a great one with the family all about you!


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