Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let me say this..........

I never get tired of it. Everytime I hear it I feel like its the first time. Actually the first time was almost 11 years ago.  Yes come this March it will be 11 years. I remember it like it was yesterday. So tell me where did the time go.

Come July I will be a grandma again. For the 8th time but I feel like its the first time.  Many years ago when I was having babies I said to a good friend of mine "when do you know you have had Enough babies?"  She said "You will know."  Well after baby 5 I realized that was enough. My body was telling me so. So my mind made me stop. My children grew up and I remember I loved my grown children but longed to hold a baby.

The best thing about having children close in age is they got married one after another and then the grandkids came along.  So in the past 11 years I have become grandma to 7 grandchildren and now one more is due in July.  Looking forward to this grandchild as much as I was for the first.....

But they grow up way too fast - the last one born in October is already 3 months old....and before you know it he will be walking and talking.  Ah, time waits for no hug your children and grandchildren as much as you can.....they are precious....

And if you think being a mom is great...just wait till youre a grandma......Sound off you grandmas out there....what's your story? 


  1. Unfortunately I had no children, so there are no grands. It must be wonderful. I have one great-nephew who I love to pieces, he is 2yrs old now. Such a joy.