Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Valentines Day here and gone.  The older I get the better it gets.  I dont need the flowers, cards and gifts as much as I need my sweetheart next to me.  When you get to my age you realize the important things in after the grandkids left yesterday, we put on our shoes and went out to dinner.

Quiet, just us, one drink....lots of food and of course, dessert....because life is too short not to have dessert.  It doesnt matter where you are....but whom you are with.....or is it who you are with....anyway, no matter.....enjoyed our special time together and looking forward to more.


After having five children and now almost 8 grandchildren, there isnt much alone time....but no problem because family is what it is all about.....and mine is a hectic one...which makes our alone time even more - to family, hubbies and life.....may all our dreams come true......

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  1. Sounds like a nice way to celebrate Valentine's Day!