Thursday, January 12, 2012


Do you follow more Twitters than follow you?  I found this great app in the itunes store called download it to your iphone and follow the actually lists all the people you follow who dont follow you back....of course, I didnt eliminate everyone....there are some Twitters i like to follow even though they dont follow me back.....such as ESPN and can also unfollow Twitters that havent tweeted in a while.....filter it for one month to six months...I didnt do this because not everyone can Tweet everyday..although there are many who Tweet several times a day.......wish I had the time..


It's a cute little app you might like to look into, even if you dont want to use it.....I cut my list down by about 150 ........check it out.....

It's something to do in between Words with Friends.......

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