Thursday, January 19, 2012 my

Every child has sneakers?  They are ageless.....I had them (they were called Keds then) and my children had them - the boys went through them like water....those sports did a job on them.  And now my grandchildren have them.  In fact, there was a time when you didnt put sneakers on a child until they were older and walking they have sneakers for two week old babies...they are cute and of course, they are not walking yet.

When I think of can sneakers hurt your feet?  They are comfortable, go with everything and some of them are so fashionable.....many moons ago people walked barefooted, Indians wore moccasins, in the 20s there were high laced less is better.....flip flops are more a fashion in the summer time than sandals.  And of course, there are support at all, but then again, they are for the house.  Who needs support.....

So are you a   sneaker person?

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  1. I'm not much for feet get too hot. I prefer sandals, and very dressy heels! And for casual...clogs. easy on, easy off.