Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rush Rush Rush, Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

I am tired.....tired of the rushing and the "gotta get there" attitude of EVERYONE.  No one stops to smell the roses anymore.  So I have slowed it my age? or have I just had enough.  People go through red lights in the morning...why? to get to work?  If you are in an accident, then you will definitely be late for work..

This summer I took a cruise and actually felt the best I have felt in years.  Nothing to do except rest when i wanted, eat when I was hungry (no set time either) bathe in the sun, splash in the water, go to shows every night, and sit on the deck and read......

So i have decided for the year 2012, I will not rush....everything will get done when it gets done....if I dont do laundry today, it will be there tomorrow.  One thing I loved about being a SAHM was the fact that I did what I wanted, when I wanted.....I didnt squeeze anything in or rush to do anything.  Maybe I was born in the wrong century.  We all need to slow down.  Our fast pace is contributing to our heart problems, our blood pressure problems...the stress in our life is leading to cancer in our body.  What will it take to remind people that yes, money is good but there must be a time for enjoying what life we are living.....because it is a short one.

I am on the edge of retiring....and the thought of not getting up in the morning to rush out, drive to work, stress all day to come home to cook, clean etc. is very inviting.  What will I do....get up at 7 because 5 am wont be in my agenda; then make breakfast, have a cup of coffee while actually reading the paper....I would love to go to the stores at 9 should be empty then.  I would like to join an exercise program....go to a book store, maybe listen to book readings, actually go into the city to new restaurants, museums, --- ah, well, soon. 

I would also actually have time to sit in my craft room and design my jewelry in leisure......maybe a part time job selling my jewelry....I will also go to jewelry shows....or any shows I want....maybe i will take a class......Some of you are still in the middle of raising your families and think this time is way off in the future.....dont be so sure....time is just flying away.

I know there are some grandmas out there......what are your future plans for retirement? or have you even thought about it? Imagine lunch with friends, movies in the afternoon.......and......well, you fill in the blanks.............................................


  1. Hi Agnes! I totally agree with your feelings. I was kind of "forced" into my semi-retirement lifestyle because of a re-location. However, it is a good thing, as I am learning a lot about spending only on what I need and only what I have, recycling, composting, gardening, spending time with my grandkids. Yes, I do still worry about supplementing my etsy income, however, whenever I need something or want to fly to visit my other seems that the money shows up..I guess I am doing something right. I have also lost weight and exercise more than I have in a long time, feeling good about that. I know that I will still have to do some part time work...but no more corporate!! Only what I enjoy! Thanks for this post and this very necessary reminder! XOXO Connie

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! I am now following you on Pinterest GFC and have added you to my circle:) Now if I can just figure Google + out for my blog...bleh! Have a wonderful day!