Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh How I Love......  and now that I am a Prime member I find myself checking out Amazon more often. FREE shipping and 2 day delivery makes me happy.  But that is not the only thing. I have found so many times when comparing prices that Amazon is so much cheaper...but i will have to limit myself because I can get carried away.  Buying is nice; getting the bills isnt.  

Today so many places draw you in by giving free shipping and discounts...but the numbers add up.  Take Kohls.....they have kohls cash to give you...$10 for every $100 you spend.  So hop on over there, spend $400 easily and get $40 back to use.  BUT you can only use it at Kohls, you have one week to use it and have you ever just spent $ you spend more than that.....although I must admit I put my spending mind to work on this one.  I also had gift cards and discounts I found on I went to Kohls and spent $125.....with all my discounts, cards, and only cost me $12 that's a bargain I can live with..
Have you ever had a bargain?

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