Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Murphy's Law

I own a desktop to use upstairs in my craft room when I am being creative....not often enough I must confess.  I also own a laptop which is connected wireless to a printer where I do all my blogging, searching, selling, etc.

After a big storm this summer I turned on my desktop and ............nothing.........I at first thought it was the computer but investigated and found that the monitor must have blown.  Since I work ob my laptop more, I put it out of my mind and decided one of these days to buy a new monitor.  Meantime, my DIL recently had her desktop crash and bought a laptop to replace it.  Asking her what she was doing with her monitor, she graciously gave it to me.  I finally hooked it up and - well, I have a desktop computer running again.

Thinking this was the end of my problems......I went downstairs to print out some info I found recently and - poof.....the printer is not working....just when I thought things were going smoothly technology wise.....I did the usual unplugging, restarting, deleting drivers, re-installing, .........it just wont work.

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