Monday, January 2, 2012

Making the most of 2012

How many times have you said "This is a new year and I am going to make a change."  It seems every new year we all make promises we do not keep.  So this year why dont we change it around a bit and decide that instead of making a big change in our life......we will start will small changes......that will add up to one big change..........or is change really that important?

Trying to get organized.......there is always clutter around.  How do we organize our life so that everything is in its place......lets remember on this note that life in itself is disorganized.  For instance, you can have your house neat as a pin, thinking it will stay that way forever, but just when you can sit down with a cup of comes the rush of grandkids, with all their toys and bags - asking for cookies and drinks.....and there goes the order in your house.


But if you really think about it...what is important?  A clean quiet house or one that is simply chaotic and loving and lived in.  So in 2012 remember that resolution to keep the house neat and then remember the look on your child's face - - smeared with chocolate and ready for hugs.....which would you rather have?

So resolve this year to be less of a fanatic about that clean house......because people matter more than things......and hugs are priceless.....

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  1. I would most definitly rather a chaotic and loving house- well with maybe just a little more order then I have now :)