Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm late, I'm late for A very important date.

No time to say hello, good-bye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late

 I feel like Alice in Wonderland...where did the week go.....Life keeps getting in the way of my blogging......alas, here it is.......and I am seeing a theme check out....

Empty on the Inside...
whose red hearts adorn this love card....yes, we are ready for Valentine's Day...which reminds me, I must get started with my own if you need a card....try this one...

over at Annie's Etsy Shop........

Or you can stop by Joy at Joy Flower 
and check out her hibiscus hand painted silk ruanna....lovely and elegant......

And dont forget to  stop by and visit CC at
Blue White Wear   

to get this chunky necklace to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day.......either way these ladies are all sweethearts of Etsy and have so much to offer from their shop......

And all these sweethearts are here helping each other boost their shops because we are the


  1. Red & Valentine's Day - a perfect combo! Thanks for including my necklace!

  2. Agnes, I feel as if I'm late ALWAYS! ;-) Thanks for featuring my shop and card!

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  3. if you're late, I hate to think what I am....hahaha. lovely feature.

  4. Loved both the choices - and the presentation! Am getting the hang of how to boost the team's shops, and hope that I'll be able to emulate the examples so far this year!

    Thanks to Debbi, I might even be able to do more than one shop at a time!

  5. whatever comes to your is amazing what comes out...I find if I just start with one sentence..the rest flows...I read once that we should write the way we speak...sometimes i talk to myself about the feature and just type away (of course I go back to edit before publishing. Hint: I often think and type in draft - the next day I will review and change...sometimes things are clearer a day after....just enjoy it and you wont go wrong. We help each other here...