Saturday, January 14, 2012

I think I am....

behind in my blogging....busy week and busier know, the Giants are playing tomorrow....but alas I am not a Giant fan.....I am a Jet fan...but you know how that came out.
But I am a true New Yorker.....

So in sync with my kids, who are Giant fans, I will be hosting a Giant gathering in my house, along with treats, dinner, and dessert to sit in front of the tv...and root for the Giants....what we do for our children!


Tonight I will be visit our other son.....who decided to buy a house 2 hours away...but we havent seen each other for a while, so going for a visit and busy weekend=no true blogging...just wanted you to know I am still around.....

Hope to get back full speed on Monday - although a day off from work, going to the doctor to check up on a procedure I underwent 6 months ago....more about that later.

Meantime, enjoy the weekend.....and stay well everyone.

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