Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Black and White......or color

Remember when things were black and white?  Were they ever black and white?  I took this picture and changed it to black and white and then really took a look at it....not much of a picture....because in its original state you can then notice the vibrant colors and the exciting time grandson had in the box of colored balls.....

So make a resolution that you make sure you have a colorful, bright day in life because life shouldnt be dull......

Life should be colorful and vibrant.....

Now isnt this better....make your day beautiful....bring some color into it....


  1. You are a woman of my own heart. As an artist, it is very hard for me to see clearly without lots of color. Black and white photos are beautiful, but colors should be appreciated by those who have eyes to see.


  2. I've often thought that B&W photos have their place - often they convey a certain mood or thought. In your post though your comparison with the color is well done and carries a good message.

  3. :) I like the way you present this and the comparisson with the photos. That is a great way to ilustrate something real and useful for a better life.

  4. @Lego I thought it was interesting how different the photos look in B&W compared to color. I guess I understand when my children and grandkids cant understand why I watch B&W movies....they see the difference.