Monday, January 30, 2012

BESTeams Feature - week of Jan 29 - Hello Yellow

Winter can be so know...snow, clouds, rain, darkness.....especially February which is around the corner.  So I would like to introduce some sunshine into this feature....and what better way than to pick up on everyone's YELLOW - so say hello to Yellow and bring a little sunshine into this cold weather...and maybe, just maybe spring will be around the corner....

Absolutely kismet -
Has yellow wine glass bring a little sunshine into your house by adding them to your glasses.

Redemption Art
brings you an amber colored necklace - put a little sunshine on your neck...Connie hails from Hawaii where sunshine is the norm.....

Sandy Vern
presents you with sunshine scrub your troubles away.

Today's sunshine has been brought to you by

  where the best of Etsy is featured.


  1. Simple and inspiring, thanks for the sunshine, it's always appreciated in winter time!!


  2. Nice job You have been tweeted

  3. what a bright feature, started my day with a smile.

  4. A bright and sunny post! Love the sunflower soap!