Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So has anyone gotten the idea of Google+ yet?  I am still finding my way around it...not sure what i am doing....and isnt it beginning to feel a lot like Facebook?  Things keep popping up....am I friends or just following....and when I leave a comment (like FB?) it pops back to me....getting confused.....just when I had GFC down pat....now they want this old lady to learn something new....

Does that mean all my friends in Google Reader will no longer be there......and every time I connect with someone on Google+ - it seems to send out about 8 more invites....who am I inviting....really need the time to look into this......and also set up my profile......

I finally found a way to add it to my blog, but I dont like the way it looks and now cant find my way back to change it......hard teaching an old dog new tricks........

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  1. I got an invite from my niece months ago, so I joined. Now I get emails about people wanting to be friends, but I don't know them. I have never gone back to fill out my profile and stuff, so I'm not sure who these unknowns want to be friends with in the first place, hahaha. So many social sites, so little time.
    - ourhometoyours