Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BESTeams Feature - Red and Green all over

So whats on my plate this week?  Not food! My BESTeam Buddies....because as many of you know.....every week I do some features of some of the BEST Etsy people in the world......We are here to promote each other......   so this week I am heading on over to

ChickyDs  where Danielle from Illinois has flower clips and headbands....and just in time for the holidays, she is red and green all over.......

Then I stopped on by an old friend.....Redemption Art to see Connie (HI CONNIE)  who is from my favorite island of Hawaii - who doesnt want to go to Hawaii? - but there again.....its red and green all over....

Imagine celebrating the holidays in hot weather........sounds good to me......

And last, I headed on over to Absolutely Kismet from South Dakota.....who has wonderful wine charms.....(if only the wine stayed in my glass long enough) and I can actually find some red and greens ones there too............
                      or check out this lovely red necklace     great for the holidays too.

So, visit these shops for the holidays....because they are creeping on us quite fast these days.....and tell the ladies..Beader Bubbe sent you....


  1. Thank you Agnes, you are the bomb! I am sharing your site! Bless you, Connie

  2. Heehee - thanks for the laughs and the beautiful BesTEAM finds, Agnes! Hawaii in December DOES sound like a great idea!

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  3. red and green all over.....haha I love it!
    - ourhometoyours

  4. these are great finds, Agnes! And you made me miss Hawaii even more. (lived there for 3 wonderful years).

  5. Great Christmas Bows, too bad my daughter rips bows out of her hair!

  6. OOOOOO such lovely holiday finds! LOVE IT <3


  7. Thank you! Those wine charms are my top seller!