Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are you happy at your job?

i recently read a blog by Lana over at Blog Frog who put the question out there -"Would you commute for a job?"

While i left an answer on her blog i then did some thinking and realized that too many of us not only have a long commute (not me) but are also unhappy at their jobs.  So whether you commute or just walk on over to work...the question I ask is - Are you happy?  I have had many jobs....some I loved, and some I hated....most of them I took the train into the city - about a 45 minute commute.  Which I did not mind....but does it really matter how long you travel if you hate your job. 


Of course, i was happiest when i was a commuting involved....rainy days we had picnics on the living room floor......and snow was a delight - we loved playing in it.  Then the children grew and college back to work I went....but working in a school has afforded me various wonderful days that I love.  Even though I am near retirement, I enjoy myself and the people I work with..

From time to time I have been offered jobs which upon thinking it through...have realized I would not be happy.....So...........are you happy?


  1. I am. I had a commute of just a little over 2 minutes as the GM of a Hilton-family hotel and even though the commute was short, I stopped enjoying going into work. Not because I didn't love my team (I absolutely adored them) but because that role required that I be "on" 24 hours a day and living around the corner made it too easy to be there all the time. I missed time with my family. So I made a change and every time I drive by that hotel and thank God I'm no longer there.shebr

  2. When I had a job I hated it! I like to be my own boss! Ever since I've retired - I am a happy person!

  3. Hi, I am your new follower via Sit and Relax weekend hop.

  4. @riorita...right behind you...pretty soon...would love to retire and make my online jewelery shop full time...