Monday, November 7, 2011

Yesterday I......

sat down in my craft room and got creative.....didnt last long because of migraine and leg pain...wasnt a good day for me....but I did manage to sort some beads for selling and make a beautiful necklace....

My problem I try selling it or keep it for myself....I really like it.....what do you think?

I really love the colorful beads.....not sure, maybe I can make a second necklace to sell......

Meantime, I am now selling supplies.....some of my beads have outgrown their usefulness and I can't justify buying more - there is absolutely no room for more I thought if i sell some, then i would have money to buy more....

 I have a load of these adorable charms....boys and girls.....and they have loops to help being placed on necklaces or even earrings......

These beads are and white and very light.....I have round ones and oblong ones......I have already made a necklace and earring set from these beads.....check out the store on Etsy


  1. Very nice necklace, wonderful beads. If you really love it, you should keep it for yourself... but don't be surprised if people want to buy it off your neck, lol.

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