Friday, November 11, 2011

What would happen......

What would happen if u lost your phone.  I know I keep everything in my phone. From dates to reminders. Even my latest kindle book I am reading.  Phone numbers with a touch of a key. Names. Addresses.  Birthdays. Directions. Notes like this one.  And of course my music. 


Sitting in the car and thought about a blog subject.  Wrote it in my phone.  What would happen if I lost it....Well, there would go half my life....Also, all my pictures.  It has gotten so easy these days to take pictures and show them in an instant....want to see my grandkids?  whip out my phone.    

And now I find myself writing blog subjects....easy to jot down.....there's an app for that.....the best thing about this app (Evernote - free in the Apple store) is that it is synced with my computer at home.  So if I am in the car waiting (for whatever) and I jot down my thoughts.....when I get home, I go to the website, copy and paste here in Blogger....of course, I have to add to it, like I am doing now...but at least I didnt forget what I wanted to blog about and most of my thoughts are already written.....a cute little app that i think I will definitely make use of......

On that note, I have the grandkids all day today and will have to entertain them between laundry etc. since I have the day off.....or do I?

Anyway, remember a Veteran, this Veterans Day, the people who make it possible for us to be free.


  1. that is cool. I wonder if I can get that app on my phone. the blogging one.
    - ourhometoyours

  2. The app is called is like a notepad...but when you also put it on your computer...whatever you write on your phone app syncs with your computer...So when I get home I go to Evernote on my computer and copy and paste on my just saves alot of time of rewriting...especially when I get ideas in the middle of nowhere....even if i just jot down ideas....I can complete it at home....

  3. I got used to having a blackberry and once had to go without it for a few months. I was so lost at work...literally. I would go to a meeting and forget that I didn't have the blackberry to tell me where to go... Enjoyed the post and the tip for the app...:)

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  5. I have evernote too on my droid. But i guess it would help ifi used it!
    stumbled your post!
    Pam from MBS stumble hop