Sunday, November 13, 2011

What are you reading?

It seems there is never enough time to read....Either I can sit for hours and read or days go by and I cant pick up the book....or should I say electronic that I it so much, pre-ordered the Fire......

But back to idea of a lovely day is to sit and read - without interruptions -- and of course that is never possible.  Life keeps getting in the way......eating gets in the way, phones get in the way, doorbells get in the when do you have time to read?


There  are nights I go upstairs early to shower and lay in bed and read.....but that is not always possible.  I would love a sun room where I could hide...Hubby loves his TV but I am content to read.....I sometimes do it while he watches TV....I like to go to doctor offices (and at my age, there seems to be too many visits) but I dont mind waiting and actually get alot of reading done there.

So, Where Do You Read and When???

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