Monday, November 14, 2011


Have you ever felt like running away?  Chuck it all and leave.  Feeling overwhelmed?  What do you do?  I still have not found the answer to this question....and that is why I am putting it out there.  I remember when my children were young - all 5 under 7 years old - and i was a SAHM....the minute my wonderful hubby walked in and it was "one of those days" - I left the house and walked around the neighborhood for one hour....feeling better and able to face the rest of the day, week......


Now they are grown.....but there are other things that bear down heavy on, keeping up with the house, medical problems....friends dying, and sometimes, just sometimes, I feel overwhelmed thinking about it......I do escape into the books I read, but I need a temporary outlet to breathe.......I managed to take a cruise this summer and that was one week I felt I didnt have a care in the world....everything was just right....of course, I cant do that at a whim......

So I am putting the question out there....What do you do?


  1. Hey Bubbe, you have strummed my pain with your fingers!

  2. Wish I could give you an answer to this one. Calgon, take me away!