Friday, November 18, 2011

Relax...its Friday

So here it is Friday and as I sit and think about the week I feel frantic....

Because next week is Thanksgiving...and of course its at my house...and of course i am not prepared for turkey, needs cleaning, etc.


This was a hectic week......father of a friend died, so had to go to a wake last night, finally caught up with an old friend and we went to dinner between we had the grandkids over and of course, my Kindle Fire was

my emails have piled up and I was frantic about my BESTeam assignment which I did not even look at........but when I finally did yesterday...thinking after the wake I will tackle it....I found out that this is my week off...whew, that one worked out.....jotted down next weeks assignment and will somehow work on that over the weekend too.....I hope......

Those of you wonderful people who have left comments on my you and promise i will get back to each one of you.....

Did you ever have one of those weeks????         

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  1. I'm doing Thanksgiving, too and I also have a very messy house and NOTHING for thanksgiving dinner yet. I am going to get the food tomorrow....IDK about when the house will get cleaned, though. Or if it will. LOL.