Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not enough time...

Does the week go too fast for you?  Do you not find enough time to do all you must do?  Well, welcome to everyone's world.  It amazes me that when I was on a cruise...all I did was relax, read, eat and soak in the sun.  Like I didnt have a care or responsibility in the world.  But reality is not that cruise and so today I knocked myself out.

After working all week, and squeezing in a chore or two....I leave my weekends to finish all that must be done.  I really need a housemaid and maybe a cook....But today i was out of the house by 8 am....nail salon, and few stops along the way, one large cup of coffee...and then off to Kohls...where I picked up many items.....a new fall coat, after losing 45 lbs I needed one, a few clothes for the holidays for some grandkids, a toaster oven for son and also this little item for me....

Now the whole idea is to make brownies...and this little item looked I going to use it....well, I sure hope so....if I do, will definitely post the baking days were over after all the kids left home, but now the grandkids love I might just try a hard can it be?

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