Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anything more depressing?

..........than applying for Medicare?  That is what my parents do or did.....when did I come to the age where I get a letter in the mail that says "Have you applied yet/"  So, I guess i have to...but the letter said I can apply different ways......mail, internet or talk to a real live person.  I opted for the last, and got the nicest lady that explained everything to me.....actually alot I knew about because hubby has gone through it already, and explained it to me.....


So after about a half hour or so, this nice lady at Medicare puts me through Social Security who goes through more with me....and now I await my card.....which says - yes, you will be 65 years old....but I cant remember when that happened.  It was only yesterday i was changing children's not my grandchildrens.....

so I must admit I am at THAT AGE.....but will not admit I feel THAT AGE.  I am still working, am relatively healthy.....had a few close calls......but everyday I wake up is another great day and instead of lamenting about age, I will be thankful for the years i have lived, the children i have raised, the husband who still cherishes me......and the grandchildren I have been blessed with.....

Life is good....and it all depends on how you look at it.....have a great day!!


  1. You are as young as you feel, and I think you are pretty young-at-heart! I know how you feel,it just hits you sometimes and doesn't seem possible that you're that old, but makes you more appreciative of the little things, and your health and your time. God bless you as you age gracefully, joyfully and healthily!
    Love, Linda


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