Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some people are..... the world we live in, this is a rarity....but such a pleasure.  I was out doing shopping and running around as usual.  We needed fruit so I pulled around the corner looking for a parking spot.  I let hubby out to start shopping and then pulled over to park in the spot and as I was backing up....whoop, a man pulled into my spot.....having no energy to fight I remained double parked until another spot or hubby came out......

But while waiting, another spot looked like it would be available and just then another car pulled up next to it.....still having no energy, I remained where I was......and that person (a woman!) got out of her car and came over to my car to ask if "I was waiting for the parking spot..".....I thought that was so nice of her that I told her to take the spot but "thank you for asking, that was so nice"  ....she said "thank you" was so refreshing to have nice people out there.....and of course, as we spoke, another spot became available and I pulled into that one.....

Just imagine if everyone was like this lady....the world would be a better place....and it doesnt cost a thing to be "nice' restored my faith in people.......pass it forward!


  1. That WAS truly nice. I've seen fist fights happen over parking spots -- how stupid is that?

    I try to be nice, but some days I just feel like a grumpus and those are the days I spend a lot of time in my room.

  2. Bubbe, I love that little experience you shared and it's so true, it is easier to be nice 'cause it takes too much energy to be hostile, angry and mean. Nice is what I aim for daily !