Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Personal Day...

Took one yesterday in order to take hubby to question is.....why is waiting in the doctor's office not a man's thing.....I find it very relaxing....I love to wait in the doctor's office...I come with my bottle of water and my Kindle and can stay there for 40% of my book....actually it went faster than I thought and I didnt get to read as much as I wanted.....but I also watched other people there....some were on their phones or watching the tv that was on......

Others were restless....guess it depends on whether you are the patient or not......but it wasnt that, how do you feel about doctor's offices.....????

1 comment:

  1. actually I love waiting in the doctors office, it's like a forced rest, lol. I spent almost 2 hours yesterday in the waiting room with my 2 year old grandson waiting for my husband. And he did sooo well.