Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's 6:15 am.....

and the weather will be beautiful today and so enjoy every minute of it.....I have been recovering from a migraine and sore they go together? and sorry i havent been posting these past few days.....

But i will be back in full force...just give me another day or two.....

For those addicted to gadgets.....I just preordered the Kindle Fire.....

for those out of the tech loop check out the great offers that Amazon

I was going to get the IPad2

but think the Fire will do the same job and at a lower i love my Kindle for reading and this will be more portable.....cant have enough gadgets.....has anyone in blogland pre-ordered the Fire?  or do you think I should go with the IPad?  Decisions decisions.....


  1. I also preordered the Fire and I am so anxious to get it! I was going for the Ipad 2 also, but for the money I do believe the Fire will be close to the same even without the camera.

  2. I have been following and enjoying your blog and I have passed the Versatile Blogger Award to you. The rules for

    acceptance are:
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    Thank the blogger who awarded me with a link back to him/her.
    Share seven things about myself.
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    Please stop my my blog and right click on the award picture to save to your computer so you can add it to your post.

    Hope you are as excited as I was!
    Happy blogging!
    Glo at glosews

  3. thanks GloSew....havent been blogging a few days now and just noticed your comment...will get on it soon....I am so excited.

    Also excited about getting the Fire...I think it will be good too...the IPad is just too much money and I am a big Amazon fan so dont think they will steer us wrong...have a great day.