Friday, October 21, 2011

Is your "grandma" name Playful?

I found this great with such great information but one thing in particular caught my eye....Did you know that grandparent names can be

1. Traditional- like mine, Bubbie or Gramma or Nana
2. Trendy - like GaGa, Go-Go, Mooma

or 3. Playful - like Sweetie, Honey or Tootsie

or even 4. International - like   Armenian - TatikYaya, or
Greek - Yaya, Gigia

 I found this website so facinating as I didnt know there were so many on each one and it will bring you to the website with the list of grandma names.....and to add to that there is also a grandpa list of names......

What is your special grandparent name.....whatever they call you, it's all so delicious....

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