Monday, October 10, 2011

I have received the...

   Award from GloSews who has put a smile on my face.  She actually reads my blogs and told me she follows her, I feel so good when I actually am able to "talk" to someone  who is interested in me.

So, please check her out as she is so crafty and I love her blog too......will definitely follow her....and now.....

By accepting this award I agree to do the following:
  •  Thank the blogger who awarded me with a link back to him/her.
  •  Share seven things about myself.
  •  Pass the award on to fifteen other newly discovered blogs.

7 things about myself....Mmmmm, let's see...

1. I am a school secretary
 2. A mother of five children
 3. A grandma of 6 boys and baby #7 due any day (another boy).
4. I love to read
5. I am a jewelry designer - part time
6. I am on a diet and have lost 45 lbs so far
and 7. I love to cruise....having taken my first this past summer.

So keep an eye out, you may be the next "Versatile Blogger"!!!!!


  1. I am thrilled that you are so happy about the award!

    We have so much in common, we both have 5 children,but I have 8 grands. I love to read too and I love your jewelry!

    Have a great day!

  2. Wow, so great....lets compare...I have 4 boys and 1 girl...You?....catching up on grandkids though...oldest is 10 - youngest 3 with waiting for #7 to be born any day now...

  3. I ma visiting from Glo Sews on her versatile blogger award post. your jewelery looks so fun. I would love to get more crafting done at my house, but I have two little boys under 3 so not much time around here. I do sneak upstairs to sew some times though.
    Two Boys on the Run

  4. Congrats! Wow!!! 7 boys. I bet you're waiting for that girl! Congrats on your weightloss. And I looove cruises. Haven't been on one in over 11 years now, though. My hubby and I actually met on a cruise! Hope you are able to go on your next one again, soon!

  5. Hi Agnes. Stopping over from Grandmas Briefs where I read about you in Grilled Grandmas. Love your blog site. I can relate to some of your list for sure. I love to read and I'm a grandma. I've never been on a cruise, but it's at the top of my bucket list.
    Jewelry designer? Awesome. Do you have any displayed online?

  6. @tsonodablog
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment....check out my Etsy store for my designs - am always working on something or click on the store on the right of this blog.

    Loved my cruise to Bermuda...if you want to read my blog about it, you can start here...

    You sound like a great grandma..going over to check out your blog now...have a great day


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