Saturday, October 1, 2011


...are finished for this week.  Another coming up next has been eaten and now i know i am truly getting older.  Each holiday is harder and harder for me, but somehow I manage to do all the cooking, cleaning and serving.....i love having family over, and it is always hectic...which is what it should be...but now i know why when my mother-in-law used to do it...she ended up sleeping for three days after it.

That is exactly how I felt....couldnt move a muscle and the pains in my legs from my CVI was terrible.  My doctor insisted I stay off my feet....ok, can anyone tell me how.....or else the next step is surgery.  This I am trying to avoid because it will keep me out of commission for a while and I do not have that kind of time.  Maybe next summer when I am home.  I already was in the hospital for another procedure this past i am trying to stay away from hospitals for a while.

But i did stay off my feet Thursday and Friday....and feeling better.....Sometimes I am better off at work where I sit behind a desk all day....but sitting too long is not good for me either.....not enough venting....will be back blogging every day this week and hope you all have a great one.....


  1. take it easy and everybody needs a good vent....happy day and take care