Friday, October 28, 2011

Countdown to Baby

While I am the proud grandma of 6 grandchildren....all boys....I am now awaiting my 7th grandchild....who has decided that he is not ready to enter into this crazy world.  Ok, he is really not due yet.....not until Friday....oh, that's is Friday....and who knows, we have until midnight, so maybe he will decide that today is the day.

If not, we still have the weekend...but in case he is a stubborn little one...the doctor has set up for him to come into this world on Monday, October 31.....well, that's Halloween....of course, his mam wants to do trick or treating - and it will be just like him to decide to come out that day....


But alas, we do not have control over these things, and as long as he is healthy and happy...we will have to wait for his arrival - and patience is not on my top ten list.....will keep you posted have a bootiful day.....

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