Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BESTeams Feature

So Debbie sends me an email on Sunday and gives me a list of features I need to do....Mmmm, I am awaiting a new grandchild...how am I going to get my head into this project?  I do notice that I have a week off in November.....of course, I had last week off...so, I really do have to concentrate and get this done...Is it hard....NO; is it time consuming? YES

But as i sit here at my computer, with two grandsons asking to be fed and help with homework....I say to myself.....I CAN DO THIS...

So the first shop I am checking out is......RioRita who hails from Israel and has ..... 

Unusual handmade silver and gold jewelry....now who can resist that...

My favorite is silver and turquoise, so these are it...click on the photo and you will arrive right there......among many other of Irith's many treasures.

Next on my list if Blue White Wear who, get this,was born raised in upstate NY who has lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 9 years.She has recently moved to Santiago, Chile.....her jewelry reflects her world travels and this necklace is by far my favorite although it was very hard for me to pick only one item in her shop of many treasures....

      I absolutely love the porcelain bead which was actually purchased in Shanghai.....of course, i am partial to blue...so this really caught my eye.  Just click on the photo to stop by her shop and see what beautiful jewelry was inspired by her travels.

Veronica Grace hails from Florida....the state of sunshine so I couldnt imagine why she would want knitted items in her shop.....but when I took a look at Knitful Dezigns and saw what she had there I was thrilled to get a look at this adorable baby hat....

   So click on the photo of this adorable baby hat and fly on over to Veronica's shop to see what she has created with yarn and love.  

You can also find Veronica on Facebook...........and Twitter......or please leave a comment on her

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  1. Mrs. Agnes your the sweetest :) hehehe I originally hail from North Carolina its soooo cold in the winter and snows several times in the winter <3 But your so right, ever since moving to Florida I've had to figure out different ways to create things that would fit into the environment. So the sunhats and hair bows seem more practical hehe <3 Well I talk to much, thank you so much for such a sweet feature!!!

    Veronica grace

  2. Dear Agnes, Thank you so much for featuring my Turquoise hoops! Love your beautiful blog!