Saturday, September 17, 2011

Renovation Time

Well, spent all week with men coming and going in my's contractors....what were you thinking?  From a small leak came a big hole, into worn pipes and it just tumbles into a major we have been running all over to get cabinets, vanities, mirrors, toilet, bathtub, refrigerator, oven, sink, flooring, wall tiles, light fixtures, and faucets.....whew, exhausted.

We are having the bathroom and kitchen remodeled downstairs where my son is living right now.  We originally wanted the upstairs bathroom done, but that will have to wait until downstairs is completed.....

So in between work and daily things, like laundry, we run to buy, buy and buy.....and in the midst of it all, someone got my credit card number and charged on now we are dealing with fraud....filling out papers, getting new cards and making sure the automatic charges are changed...

Time for a big cup of coffee....some relaxation (when they finally leave)......anyone have any advice on how to get through the noise and mess?  I am lucky they are very clean and when they leave they straighten everything up and clean up after themselves...they also cover everything up.....Have a great where's that coffeemaker???

1 comment:

  1. Relaxation is a very good thing! Good thing they are clean! Less for you to clean at the end!

    Great job on Nutrisystem! 45lbs is awesome! I hope I get there soon!!! :)